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Pengarang: Agung Nugraha Putra Dempo
Penerbit: Kementerian ATR/Badan Pertanahan Nasional-STPN
Tempat Terbit: Yogyakarta
Tahun Terbit: 2020
Bahasa: Indonesia
Kolasi: xv,140 hlm. ; ilus. ; 30 cm
Subjek: Reforma agraria, Eks Kawasan hutan, Evaluasi.
Jenis Bahan: Skripsi
The Ministry of Agrarian Spatial Palnning/National Land Agency (ATR/BPN) targets to redistribute land by 750.000 plots in 2019. One of them is through the release of forest land. In 2019 Musi Rawas Regency carried out land redistribution on ex- forest land and not a forest area. This redistribution of land was carried out on ex forest land of .3.340 (95,42%) plots from 3.500 plots.Furthermore, Musi Rawas Regency received the first award in the implementation of land redistribution by 2019 in South Sumatera Province.
The Issuance of Presidential Regulation Number 86 in 2018 is expected to accelerate the implementation of agrarian reform, realize legal certainty, and strengthen asset and access reform. This regulation requires the provision of technical standards, institutional, and stage of activity that run in ideal condition but the omplementation in the field is certainly different. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct research to explain the extent of the suitability of that’s components applied in its implementation. This research uses qualitative method and descrivtive approach. Data collection techniques used from observation, interview and document study while the informant selection techniques is purpose sampling.
The result of this research are in the form of mechanism for change of status of forest area through forest area inauguration. This evaluation’s decribed on 3 (three) stages, namely: planning, implementation, and post implementation. This evaluation shows the implementation of land redistribution in accordance with procedures. But still constraints encountered include techinical, such as the relinquishment of the forest area which is still at the official report of the boundary setting area which is still at the official report of the boundary setting stage, the revision of land use plan (RTRW) is still in progress, and some administrative deficiencies can be resolved appropriately with good coordination between that stakeholders involved. Furthermore, there are also non technical constraints, such as human resources, change of leadership, revision time at the end of the year and land recipient society. However, these can be resolved with the policy and good strategies with the result that the activty running smoothly.

Keywords: Agrarian Reform, Ex Forest Area, Evaluation
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