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Penerbit: BPN RI STPN
Tempat Terbit: Yogyakarta
Tahun Terbit: 2016
Bahasa: Indonesia
Kolasi: xiv, 154 hlm.: ilus. '29,5 cm
Subjek: Penataan Pertanahan
Jenis Bahan: Skripsi
The decline of public trust in the concept of land consolidation (LC) is a central issue that becomes land problem in Indonesia no exepction in Bakbakan Village and Beng Village, Gianyar District, Bali Province. In this case, the people
in Bakbakan Village and Beng Village prefer the service of individual implementing body on land arrangement compared with LC in Indonesia who was carried by the government. The purpose of this research is to know the stages of the arrangement of the land by the individual implementing body, knowing the basis of the individual implementing body in land arrangement, and to know the benefits who was received by the comunity in land arrangement.
Through qualitative research method with descriptive aproach, the researcher screened information and collected data by using interview, observation and documentary study. Data obtained was then analyzed qualitatively for later performed classification, categorization, and signification thus it can be useful information and could answer the research questions.
The result of this reserach is indicated the stages of arrangement land who was held by the individual implementing body is very fast and easy, first, the individual implementing body approach to the public, both, the individual implementing body make a deal with the comunity, third, the individual implementing body carrying out the infrastructure development, fourth, the
individual implementing body process the maintenance land certificate to be completed. The basic of individual implementing body is carrying out the arrangement land is individual body receiving benefit from access road so that it can increase the resale value parcel who was owned by the individual implementing body, the individual implementing body will be able to develop the business area more broadly, the individual implementing body also get the remaining land of the deal with the public, other than that agreement among people as a bassis by the individual body in the filing plot boundaries at the land office. The benefits received by he public, namely in terms of the environment and law are environtment was organized and minimized conflict about plot baoundaries, in economic terms the value of parcel to be increased and can meet the needs of the economy.
This research result are expected to contribute the Section of Setting and Land Arrangement to make plan and coordinate every execution of the LC in Indonesia that should be more mature and organized, and in the next future LC can be come to better coordination with other agencies who was involved in the implementation of LC.
Keyword: Land Concolidation, Land Arrangement, Individual Implementing Body.
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