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Penerbit: BPN RI STPN
Tempat Terbit: Yogyakarta
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Bahasa: Indonesia
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Subjek: Sistem Informasi
Jenis Bahan: Skripsi
Research purposes of multipurpose land information system, among others to determine the necessary data, data processing in developing multipurpose land information, and to know how to present a multipurpose land information in an application.
This research was conducted in the Nglegok village, Ngargoyoso Sub District, Karanganyar District. The method used is a research and development or Research and Development (R&D). Data collected included primary data obtained through interviews covered the Karanganyar District Land Office Staff, Nglegok Village Government Staff, Nglegok Village People. While secondary data obtained through the study of documents. Designing an application program using prototyping method that includes: user needs analysis, system requirements analysis, data processing (using ArcGIS 10.0 software and the OpenGeo QGIS 2.8.2), creating a database (spatial database using the Open Geo Suite 4.6.1 software and non-spatial use the software contained in XAMPP which there MySql), application program design (PHP programming language is written using notepad ++ software), application program testing, evaluation the application program, the application program improvement. Experimental method of
application testing using white box testing and blackbox testing.
The results of this study indicate the data integration process is not free from the constraints that resulted in some kind of information (land thematic information) that is displayed can not be used for the analysis phase so that it still needs to do a review of the field. Applications multipurpose land information system that was built to provide various information plot. In addition, as a means of digitizing books c village, in the development of a database of land the village level. The results of the analysis of this application users can be grouped among others: the Land Office, the Village Government, District Government, as well as the general public. System requirements specification, include: First, the system can facilitate in serving a variety of land records with internet media in a spatial layer. Second, the system provides features input, update, delete the village monograph data that is in the database. Third, the system provides features input, update, the search feature , and print data c village, land use, land-use, the amount of taxes that exist in the database. This application is the development of applications web-based mapping that already exist, which are contained within a Web Map Serivce (WMS) as a facility to exchange data.
Multipurpose land information system application can help the Land Office's easier to know the history of the land in order first land registration activities. in addition, the application can support the manufacture of a complete village map for improving the quality of spatial data.
Key Words: multipurpose cadastre, multipurpose land information system, application
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