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Penerbit: BPN RI STPN
Tempat Terbit: Yogyakarta
Tahun Terbit: 2016
Bahasa: Indonesia
Kolasi: xvii, 182 hlm.: ilus.; 29,5 cm
Subjek: Ijin Peralihan Tanah
Jenis Bahan: Skripsi
The removal of some of the rules about the transfer of land rights caused the transition of agricultural land became uncontrollable. Through the regulations are still valid, many deviation in the implementation of the Transfer of Rights License (IPH) which threaten the sustainability of agricultural land. This happened in Sleman District that evidenced by reduced Household Farming (RTUP) as many as 34.296 lives in the past 10 years (2003-2013) as a result of the reduction in area of agricultural land because use change of agricultural land and agricultural land splitting that happen through the process of the transition of land rights. Based on background of this research conducted to know: 1) the form of the deviation in the Transfer of Rights License; 2) the cause of the deviation Transfer of Rights License; 3) policies to effectively Transfer of Rights License as controlling transfer of rights of agricultural land.
This research used qualitative research methods with approach to the evaluation study. Data collected through observation, interviews and document research. The analysis technique used is the analysis of qualitative data. The data analysis stage begins from the selection of the data, organization of the data, presentation of the data and conclusion to answer the research problems.
The results showed that: 1) the deviation Transfer of Rights License (IPH) is done by the applicant move to a new place, change of use of agricultural land, borrow the name and identity forgery; 2) the cause of the deviation Transfer of Rights License (IPH) because internal factors and external factor; 3) policies to effectiveness Transfer of Rights License (IPH) can be done by making government regulations about transfer of land rights and the implementation of the Transfer of Rights License (IPH) with maximize the existing legal regulations.
The results of this research can be used by the Section of the Regulation and Structuring Land in every land office as an evaluation in running the Transfer of Rights License (IPH), so controlling transfer of rights of land, be able to effectively.
Keywords: Transfer of Rights License, deviation, policy
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