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PROBLEMATIKA PENERTIBAN TANAH TERLANTAR (Studi Tanah Hak Guna Usaha PT. Sumber Mahardika Graha di Kabupaten Lamandau, Provinsi Kalimantan Tengah)
Penerbit: BPN RI STPN
Tempat Terbit: Jogjakarta
Tahun Terbit: 2015
Bahasa: Indonesia
Kolasi: -
Subjek: -
Jenis Bahan: Skripsi
Cultivation Right is one of rights that has been regulated in Law Number 5/ 1960 concerning Agrarian Principal Law. Land Ownership in large quantity should be followed with an optimum land use. If it is not used as its designation, then orderliness needs to be conducted which regulated in Governemnt Regulation Number 11/2010 of Neglected Land Orderliness and Utilization. This research studied the Problematic of Neglected Land Orderliness Study of Cultivation Right of PT. Sumber
Mahardika Graha. There were two problems that were studied in this research namely potential lawsuit on neglected land determination and implication of Jakarta Administrative Court on this cases. Qualitative research method was used in this essay writing with phenomenology approach. This research was conducted only to describe phenomenons and circumstances that took place which related with form, causes and process associated with failure of neglected land orderliness of Cultivation Right of PT. Sumber Mahardhika Graha in Lamandau District, Province of Central Kalimantan. Data collection was conducted by interview, observation and documentary study. Data analysis used was descriptive qualiative analysis.
Research result suggested that: First, Determination of neglected land Cultivation Rights of PT. Sumber Mahardhika Graha can be sued because there was a gap and space to be sued by the right holder whose the land was determined as neglected land. Second, implication of Jakarta Administrative Court on the case comprised legal implication related to cancellation of Neglected Land Determination Letter, economic implication related to potential company benefit in the amount of Rp. 999.460.800 up to Rp. 2.498.652.000 with oil palm planting time at the age of 3 up to 5 year old and culture implication, society in Lamandau
District became developed, cultured and has future.

Key Words: Cultivation Rights, Neglected Land Orderliness,
Administrative Court Ruling
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