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Eko Haryono - Faculty Of geography UGM - 2018 - Geography
Stephanie Wegscheider - Faculty of Geography UGM Indonesia - 2018 - Geography
Olalekan John Taiwo - Faculty of Geography UGM Indonesia - 2018 - Geography
Sudibyakto - Faculty Of geography UGM - 2017 - Geography
Indonesian Journal Of GEOGRAPHY
Sudibyakto - Faculty Of geography UGM - 2016 - Geography
Indonesian journal Of Geography
Sudibyakto - Faculty of Geography Gadja Mada University - 2015 - Geography
Indonesian Journal Of Geography
Sudibyakto - Faculty of Geography Gadja Mada University - 2015 - Goegraphy
Indoesian Journal of Geography Volume 47
Sudibyakto - Fakultas Geografi UGM - 2015 - Goegraphy
Indonesian Journal of Geography: The spacial effect of fiscal decentralisation on regional disparaties: the case from Indonesia; Constraints to urban planning and management of secondary towns in Uganda; The influence of fishing assets and migration time to catch squid fisheries on seasons variability; The analysis of communication climate and organizational culture for increasing the performance of regional development planning; Livelihood strategies and the welfare of transmigrants; Urban socio-economic variables and intra-urban trips in Ogun State, Nigeria; Urban risk assesment of lahar flows in merapi volcano (study case: Muntilan urban area, Central Java); Residential area and income inequality in sub urban Indonesia; Estimation of carbon stock changes in above groung woody biomas due to volcano pyroclastic flow and pyroclastic surge; Land use planning of paddy field using geographic information system and lang evaluation in West Lombok, Indonesia
Adiwan F. Aritenang, and the others - Indonesia Journal of Geographic - 2014
Indonesian Journal of Geography Volume 46, No.2 December 2014: Spatio temporal analysis of land use change for supporting landslide exposure assesment; Determination of coastal belt in the disaster prone area; Impacts of land cover change on climate trend in Padang Indonesia; Analysis community's coping strategies and local risk governance framework in relation to landslide; Agricultural loss caused by 2007 Sidoharjo's flood and its house-hold impact; An examination of the determinants of the mode of transport to primary health facilities in a developing region; Characterization of jos city road network, Nigeria; Evaluating the integrated environmental management of munici-pal solid waste in Osaka City, Japan; The livelihood analysis in Merapi prone area after 2010 eruption.
Anung Kurniawan, Arief Widianto, Michiel, Damen, Dedi Hermon, Heru Setiawan, Nanette Kingma, C.J. va - Faculty of Geography Gadja Mada University - 2014
Indonesian Journal Of Geography
Sudibyakto - Faculty Of geography UGM - 2013 - Goegraphy
Indonesian Journal of Geography Vol.45
Sudibyakto - Fakultas Geografi UGM - 2013 - Goegraphy
Alfred Russel Wallace - Kiprah dan Karyanya sebagai Ilmuwan Sosial
Dhurorudin Mashad - LIPI Press - 2011 - Biografi
Rebuilding After Disasters: From Emergency to Sustainability
Gonzalo Lizarralde; Cassidy Johnson; Colin Davidson - Spon Press - 2010 - Disasters
INDONESIAN JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHY: Regional Specializationn And Industrial Concentration In Thailand, 1996-2005 - Analysis On Comparative Advantage Of Aglicultureal Sector In Kulonprogo Regency - Land Defradation Assessment, In The Peri-Urban Area Of Kaduna Metropolis, Nigeria - Flow Paterns Of Vehicular Trafic Along Highway Toll Plaza In Ogun State - Land Use Planning For Settlements Area In Consideration Of Flood And Landslide Hazards In Bagelen, Purworejo, Indonesia - The Land Use Change Related To The Increase Of Peak Discharge Of Pengabuan Chatchment, Jambi, Indonesia.
Airlangga University Press - 2009 - Geography
Introduction to Geography
Arthur Getis; Judith Getis; Jerome D. Fellmann; Vistoria L. Getis - McGraw-Hill - 2008 - Geography
Mapping Vulnerability - Disasters, Development dan People
Greg Bankoff; Georg Frerks; Dorothea Hilhorst - Earthscan - 2008 - Mapping
An Introduction to Geographical Information Systems
Ian Heywood; Sarah Cornelius; Steve Carver - Addison Wesley Longman - 1998 - Geography
The Use of GIS and Remote Sensing for Forest Fire Management - STPN
STPN - STPN - 1998 - Forest; Managementxgeography
Geocomputation A Primer
Paul A Longley; Sue M Brooks; Rachael McDonnell; Bill Macmillan - A Wiley-Interscience Publication - 1998 - Geography